About Bodenham Newsletter

About Bodenham Newsletter

Bodenham Newsletter is the Parish Magazine for the village of Bodenham in rural Herefordshire in the Marches border country between England and Wales.

The newsletter is printed 10 times a year.  Monthly apart from Dec/Jan and July/August which are double issues.

The printed newsletter is A4 and black and white in format.  350 copies are printed each month.

It is also available by email subscription currently sent to about 70 subscribers as a colour pdf, you can subscribe to the e-newletter here.

The pdf is also available on the Bodenham Parish website:



Village groups and clubs, individuals and residents, charities – anyone with information they want to share with the residents of Bodenham – all are welcome to submit to the newsletter.

What to Contribute?

News, events, meeting reports, than yous, remembrances – anything that would be interesting to the people of the village.

As much as possible will be included in the newlstter.  Your item my be edited for length, spelling or grammar as necessary.

Inclusion or editing is at the discretion of the Editor and/or Bodenham Parish Council.

Submitting Your Item

Digital sumission is preferred, word document (.doc or docx), text, pdf, jpg.

Send to: [email protected]

The deadline for the monthly newsletter is the 18th of the previous month, There are double issues twice a year, July/August and January/December, therefore items for July and August must be submitted in June, items for December and January must be submitted in November.

Though the deadline is the 18th of the month, there is nothing wrong with being early!

Advertising in the Bodenham Newsletter


Village and Local Businesses, businesses that provide services or products to the village find advertising in the Bodenham Newsletter beneficial.  Many tell us that an advert in the Bodenham Newsletter works better for them than other bigger publications.

How much does it cost?

The Bodenham Newsletter is printed in A4 (portrait) format. and the following advert sizes are available:

Small box – 1/8 page  – landscape orientation – £5 per month  £50 per year

1/4 page  – portrait orientation – £9.50 per month – £80 per year

1/2 page – landscape orientation – £16 per month

Full Page –  landscape or portrait orientation – £30 per month

Submitting Your Advert

Digital submission of adverts is preferred.  For print reproduction the advert needs to be clear and sharp, and any pictures or graphics must be simple and not too dark.  Dark text on light backgrounds works best. Colour will only show in the pdf.

If you have an advert already professionally formatted then I can include that in jpeg, pdf,  word document, or publisher.  Send your advert as an attachment to [email protected].

If you don’t have an advert then I can format one for you from infomation that you provide.

Email me at [email protected]

Not digitally inclined?

Then you can send your advert to: The Editor, Bodenham Newsletter, 1 Orchard Bungalow, Bodenham HR1 3JS

The deadline fo rthe monthly Bodenham Newsletter is the 18th of the previous month.  There are two double issues a year,  July/August and December/January therefore items for these issues must be submitted in June and November respectively.

Early submission is always welcome.  If you miss the deadline inclusion can not be guaranteed.

Please remember to let me know the size advert you want and the months it is to appear. Also include your postal address and telephone number. And don’t forget to attach the advert!

Invoicing and Payment

An invoice will be sent to the address you provide.  Details of how to make your payment will be included on the invoice.